Questions to Ask when “Offered”

In NCAA Division I, many if not most times an offer is just a way to trick unsavvy parents, kids, and advisers into believing that the school’s interest is legit. Here are some questions to ask to help you ferret out the true validity of the “offer.” 1. How many other kids have you offered […]

CRH Blog Post #20, Financial Aid vs. “Scholarships”

WAY too many parents, kids, and advisors (high school coaches, grassroots/club coaches, etc) get caught up in the word “scholarship” and/or a “free” education. In our opinion, the focus should be on finding a reasonably affordable situation where the school and program are the perfect fits for the prospect in question. First, it’s important to […]

CRH Blog Post #19, Highlight Videos, Part 3

Initially, we refuted the absurd idea that “college coaches don’t like highlight videos.” Next, we established that video quality does not enhance or diminish athletic ability, and that uploading videos to YouTube and emailing a link to college coaches is a far better path than mailing them DVD copies of highlight videos. Now, the question becomes, “what should you include on the video itself?”

CRH Blog Post #18, Highlight Videos, Part 2

Now that we’ve established the importance of highlight videos, we need to discuss some elements of an effective highlight video strategy.  The first point to make involves the picture quality of the highlight video and the method of it’s delivery.   One, please understand that college coaches really don’t care about the quality of the […]

CRH Blog Post #17, Highlight Videos

One of the most popular recruiting misconceptions involves highlight videos. The utterly incorrect consensus is that college coaches don’t like highlight videos because well edited clips create an unrealistic glimpse at a kid. Even if that’s true, which is debatable (we know plenty of college coaches who believe they can tell a good player instantly based on a single play), the reality is that college coaches (particularly at division one schools) receive hundreds of random and unannounced packages in the mail from kids they’ve never heard of, and there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to adequately evaluate all full game films and follow through on every lead.

CRH Blog Post #16, Advice to Parents, Real Final Piece

Periodically, we will find it necessary to revisit old threads. In this case, the “old thread” in question was “completed” yesterday, so it’s not too old. But anyway, we left out a very critical piece of information that all parents must understand.   As posted in our second ever College Recruiting Help blog post, for […]

CRH Blog Post #15, Advice to Parents, Final Entry

This is the final entry on this thread about recruiting advice to parents. To review, refrain from commenting to a college coach about your child’s high school coach, treat referees with respect, avoid the temptation to coach your kid from the crowd, try your best not to get angry while watching your child play, and do your level best to have a receptive and appreciative attitude when a college coach calls, even if that coach does not represent a school where your child has been dreaming about playing.

CRH Blog Post #14, Advice to Parents, cont’d

In giving recruiting advice, it’s important to cover the do’s AND the don’t’s, and today’s post is a mixed bag of both, as they are often related. Today, we’re going to discuss the importance of showing appreciation any time a college coach shows interest.

CRH Blog Post #13, Advice to Parents, cont’d

Having discussed the importance of you as a parent hiding your tendency (if you have one) to undermine your child’s coaches, and having implored you to leave the referees alone, we’re going to take a look today at another common parental behavior tendency that can turn a college coach off.

CRH Blog Post #12, Advice to Parents, cont’d

Now that we’ve established the importance of appropriate parental behavior and words, and outlined why it’s a bad idea to speak ill of your child’s high school coach to the college coaches who call, it’s time to discuss another common parental mistake that college coaches can’t stand, and that’s decorum while watching your child play.

CRH Blog Post #11, Advice to Parents, cont’d

Now that we’ve established the principle that your behavior and words as a parent matter in the recruiting process, it’s time to attach some specificity to this general rule of thumb. So, beginning today, we’re going to review some common parental mistakes that college coaches see as red flags.

CRH Blog Post #10, Advice to Parents

Smart college coaches don’t just recruit based on athletic ability. They look at everything, from academics to character to coachability to fit to attitude to family situations. You name it, they look at it. And with that in mind, parents need to start understanding how regularly they hurt their own children in the recruiting process.

CRH Blog Post #9, 2 Worst Reasons to Choose a School, cont’d

As previously discussed, it’s important in the recruiting process to have a sense of not only what to do, but what not to do. Yesterday, we covered the reasons why it’s a terrible mistake to allow a relationship with an assistant coach to drive your decision about where to go to school. Today, we’ll cover the other very common (yet misguided) reason that kids allow to factor heavily into their decisions.

CRH Blog Post #8, 2 Worst Reasons to Choose a School

Now that we’ve covered some information about how to get yourself recruited but also about choosing the right school in the recruiting process, it’s time to cover 2 common reasons to choose a school that make absolutely zero long-term sense.  We’ll cover the first of the 2 common mistakes today, and the second tomorrow.   […]

CRH Blog Post #6, Choosing the Right School, 3 Pieces of Advice, cont’d

After understanding the importance of choosing a school first and an athletics program second, and consequently trying to find a school where the academics and the post-graduation career and alumni networking opportunities are bonafide, the second key piece of advice in choosing correctly amongst your recruiting options involves the head coach.

CRH Blog Post #5, Choosing the Right School, 3 Pieces of Advice

Other than decisions about marriage and/or starting a family, choosing the right college or university is perhaps the most important decision a college-bound young person makes.  With that in mind, here are some rules of thumb to guide you in that process.   First and foremost, let’s distinguish between 2 different types of prospective student-athletes: […]

CRH Blog Post #4, Following the Big 3 Rules, Rule #3

Once you’ve attained and accepted a realistic evaluation of yourself, you’ve started doing your work early (academically, skill/athleticism development, and communicating with college coaches), and you’ve cast a wide net, you’re ready for the final rule to get yourself recruited:

CRH Blog Post #3, Following the Big 3 Rules, Rule #2

After being realistic, the first rule of helping yourself get recruited is to do your work early (aka be proactive). Today, we will look at rule #2.

CRH Blog Post #2, Following the Big 3 Rules, Rule #1

After the over-arching principle of being realistic about your athletic talents, 3 keys stand out as far as maximizing your recruiting exposure and college options, and we will cover the first rule today.

CRH Blog Post #1 “The Importance of Being Realistic”

Before getting into the “Big 3 Rules” of helping yourself with the recruiting process, it’s absolutely critical to assess your athletic talent realistically before you get started.