CRH Blog Post #12, Advice to Parents, cont’d

Now that we’ve established the importance of appropriate parental behavior and words, and outlined why it’s a bad idea to speak ill of your child’s high school coach to the college coaches who call, it’s time to discuss another common parental mistake that college coaches can’t stand, and that’s decorum while watching your child play.


No matter how terrible the referees are, you as a parent should leave the referees alone completely. First of all, fans who go crazy about officiating make general fools of themselves, because the last we checked, referees don’t typically change their minds after making calls. As such, arguing with a referee could not be more futile.


But in terms of recruiting, parents who berate and abuse referees paint a picture of themselves that is not at all flattering. ┬áSpecifically, over-the-top comments directed at officials makes you look like a lunatic who has no self control. Again, harkening back to a previous post, college coaches do not like difficult parents, nor do they prefer crazy parents. And screaming at referees is a good way to convince college coaches that you are difficult and unreasonable. Needless to say, convincing college coaches that you’re a nutjob is not exactly in your child’s best interests. So, again, our advice is to keep your anger to yourself and your mouth closed when it comes to both your child’s high school coach and the referees who officiate your child’s games.


Thank you for reading. We hope these comments are helpful. Have a great weekend. We’ll be back at it on Monday with more advice to parents.



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