CRH Blog Post #13, Advice to Parents, cont’d

Having discussed the importance of you as a parent hiding your tendency (if you have one) to undermine your child’s coaches, and having implored you to leave the referees alone, we’re going to take a look today at another common parental behavior tendency that can turn a college coach off.


College coaches generally don’t like parents who coach their kids from the stands. Again, this places on a stage, for college coaches to witness, your desire to interfere with and undermine your child’s coaches. ¬†And college coaches understandably do not want to deal with parents who have track records of offering contradictory advice to what their children’s coaches are telling them.


Additionally, showing anger as a parent and berating your child (or anyone else’s child), while maybe not technically the same thing as “coaching from the stands,” is also a potential red flag to college coaches. And to the fathers out there who know that college coaches might be turned off by their unstoppable desire to coach from the crowd and therefore develop an elaborate, baseball-manager-style system of signals and gestures, you ain’t slick. Actually, “secretly” coaching your kid from the stands is an even bigger red flag, because now you’ve painted the picture that you’re not only meddlesome but duplicitous.


To review: do not criticize your child’s high school coach to any college coaches, treat referees and officials with courtesy, and do not coach your child from the stands (especially when college coaches are in attendance). Tomorrow and Thursday, we will mention 2 final pieces of advice to parents and conclude this series.


Thank you very much for reading. We hope these posts are helpful.

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