CRH Blog Post #15, Advice to Parents, Final Entry

This is the final entry on this thread about recruiting advice to parents. To review, refrain from commenting to a college coach about your child’s high school coach, treat referees with respect, avoid the temptation to coach your kid from the crowd, try your best not to get angry while watching your child play, and do your level best to have a receptive and appreciative attitude when a college coach calls, even if that coach does not represent a school where your child has been specifically dreaming about playing.


The last major red flag for a college coach in terms of parental behavior that we will address is taking notes/keeping stats while you watch your child play. Honestly, this behavior is just flat out the definition of crazy (unless you’re the official statistician for the team, having been assigned that duty by your child’s coach). Why on earth do you as a parent feel the need to take notes or keep stats? Could it be that you’re obsessed with your child’s individual performance and not particularly concerned about the team? Could it be that you like to keep track to harass your child’s high school coach if the posted stats are “off” by one or two? Could it be that you like and care about the sport your child is playing a whole lot more than your child does? Could it be that you’re planning to review your notes with your child after the game, thereby “helping” (“helping” here means “interfering with”) your child’s coaches?


Regardless of your reasoning, just stop. Please, just stop. College coaches will run away from Crazy Stat Dad faster than Europeans apparently run away from deodorant. So, unless you’re interested in hurting your child’s recruiting interest and options, please, just stop.


This concludes this thread about parental “do’s and don’t’s.” Thank you very much for reading.




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