CRH Blog Post #9, 2 Worst Reasons to Choose a School, cont’d

As previously discussed, it’s important in the recruiting process to have a sense of not only what to do, but what not to do.  Yesterday, we covered the reasons why it’s a terrible mistake to allow a relationship with an assistant coach to drive your decision about where to go to school.  Today, we’ll cover the other very common (yet misguided) reason that kids allow to factor heavily into their decisions.


Way too many kids will choose a school based in large part on the quality of the school’s athletics facilities.  At first glance, this is quite understandable.  After all, you’ll be spending a great deal of time over the next 4 years in and around your college choice’s overall athletics facilities, so why would you not want to spend your time in an environment that’s modern, clean, and nice looking?  Additionally, quality of athletics facilities is a good indicator of a school’s commitment to athletics, and it’s tough to win championships at a school that lacks administrative commitment and support for athletics.


That having been said, remember the 2 kinds of recruits: those who are and are not likely to earn enough money to retire comfortably playing professional sports.  So, assuming you’re in the second group, you should ask yourself how important the niceness of the locker room will be 40 years from now, and how impactful the gorgeous new stadium will be on your future.  Obviously, if you’re choosing a school based on a 40-year plan, it’s horribly short-sighted to allow athletics facilities to govern your decision making process.  Now, in a perfect world, you’ll be able to attract attention from an outstanding academic school that also has beautiful athletics facilities.  But, if you’re in a situation where you’re forced to choose between a big time school and a big time athletics program, please choose the big time school.


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