Free Recruiting Advice/Information Resources


If you want sport-specific advice and information, scroll down to explore our sport-by-sport advice/information resource directory.

NCSA Videos and Ebooks

If you click on the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page the link directs you to, NCSA has several videos and free ebooks that are very useful resources (the links at the top of the page to scholarships by sport are a total waste of time/marketing trick to try to force you into becoming an NCSA client).



Next Level Ballplayer

Next Level Ballplayer’s “Recruiting Corner” might be the best overall baseball recruiting advice and information resource on the entire internet.

High School Baseball Web

High School Baseball Web is a great overall resource for high school baseball, including an excellent collection of thoughts on college baseball recruiting.

Baseball Tips

The aptly named Baseball Tips website includes an article about college baseball recruiting.


The Hoop Group

Hoop Group president Rob Kennedy is a veteran of all things college basketball recruiting, and his blog (written and video) is enormously insightful.

Breakthrough Basketball

Breakthrough Basketball has an article that covers some basics about college basketball recruiting advice.


Runner’s World

Many if not most colleges have the same person coaching the cross country and the track teams; this article from Runner’s World is written by a former Ivy League track and cross country coach, and it provides valuable insight into cross country recruiting.


Jackals Field Hockey Club Recruiting Guide

The Jackals Field Hockey Club provides a terrific free college field hockey recruiting guide.

World Camp USA

World Camp USA has a blog about field hockey recruiting. It’s not updated as regularly as we would prefer, but it’s one of the few free field hockey specific recruiting advice sources we have been able to identify.


National Underclassmen Recruiting Tips

National Underclassmen founder David Schuman offers football recruiting advice through a series of videos (link above).

Football Recruiting Tips

Football Recruiting Tips has several free downloadable “ebooks” offering football recruiting advice and help.


Gymnasts to College

Gymnasts to College provides a fairly comprehensive free guide to college gymnastics recruiting. Actually, when considering that the link above includes a free full contact directory for college gymnastics coaches, it may be the most useful and most important free recruiting resource we have ever seen, regardless of the sport.


USA Gym has an interesting article by a former college coach on college gymnastics recruiting and college gymnastics scholarships.


Lacrosse Recruits Free Recruiting Guide

Lacrosse Recruits offers a free lacrosse recruiting guide that is very well put together. They also provide you the option to download the eBook in PDF format for $25 if you want to print it, etc.


The Soccer Institute

The Soccer Institute is a fantastic overall soccer resource, and the college soccer recruiting page has useful information (including links to lots of soccer recruiting articles).

Back of the Net

Back of the Net has a good (and free) discussion forum for college soccer recruiting.


Fastpitch Recruiting

Fastpitch Recruiting is a great resource for softball recruiting. The link on their homepage to “Articles” is probably the best collection of softball recruiting related information and advice that we have seen.


Advice from Spy Swim Team

This free PDF manual is an outstanding source of swimming recruiting advice.


Tennis Recruiting Network

The Tennis Recruiting Network offers a collection of articles related to college tennis recruiting.


Coach Jay Johnson

Coach Jay Johnson and several collaborators put together a series of useful tips on the college track and field recruiting process. is an excellent resource for track and field, including this helpful article on track and field recruiting.


Volleyball World

Volleyball World has all kinds of interesting resources, including an article with volleyball recruiting advice.

Volleyball Magazine

Volleyball Magazine is another terrific resource for all things volleyball, and the link above will take you to an article on navigating the volleyball recruiting waters successfully.


Water Polo Planet

Water Polo Planet is a very interesting and useful resource for all things water polo. The link above will take you to a PDF recruiting-related article written by a former college water polo coach.