CRH Blog Post #18, Highlight Videos, Part 2

Now that we’ve established the importance of highlight videos, we need to discuss some elements of an effective highlight video strategy. ┬áThe first point to make involves the picture quality of the highlight video and the method of it’s delivery.


One, please understand that college coaches really don’t care about the quality of the video itself. As long as it’s not so grainy that a coach literally can’t decipher what’s going on, the quality doesn’t matter. A lot of parents seem to think that high quality video makes their kids look more athletic. It does not.


Two, upload the highlight video to YouTube so that you can email college coaches a link to your video. It’s important that you make things as easy on a college coach as possible, and it’s much less effort to open an email and click on a YouTube video than to open a package, read the intro letter, remove the DVD from its sleeve, and power up/connect/plug in the DVD player. Not to mention, YouTube eliminates the possibility that you send a DVD that is the wrong format for the coach’s DVD player, or that you send a DVD copy that hasn’t been properly finalized for viewing. With YouTube, if you can watch the video at home on your browser, then every coach in the country will be able to watch the video from their browsers. I know, I know- you don’t like that a YouTube video has less resolution and is of an inferior quality in terms picture clarity than a DVD. But please keep in mind point #1. College coaches just do not care about a video’s resolution and clarity. They just don’t.


We will continue this discussion on highlight videos tomorrow. Thanks for reading.




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