Most Efficient

Our approach is deliberately simple and direct. If you already have a recent highlight video online and a scanned transcript, you’ll be contacting college coaches directly within 30 minutes of signing up.

A $49 annual subscription to our website includes:

A Recruiting Profile

– Similar to a personal webpage, and our profile builder is 100% intuitive

– Unlike many competitors, profiles include UNLIMITED links (highlight video, Facebook, etc)

– Our profiles include UNLIMITED file uploads (transcript, test scores, teacher recs, etc)

Access to Our College and University Database

– Includes email addresses for thousands of colleges and universities (see Notes 1-3)

– Includes email addresses for coaches across all sports (see Notes 1-3)

– Includes an unbiased, math-based ranking for every school in our database

– Includes a unique mechanism to send emails to multiple coaches at once

– Tracks which coaches opened your email and clicked on your profile

NOTE 1: Our database does not include contact information for coaches at NCAA D1 schools, nor does it include contact information for coaches at elite academic schools. It does include hundreds of NCAA D2 schools, NCAA D3 schools, NAIA D1 schools, NAIA D2 schools, NJCAA D1 schools, NJCAA D2 schools, NJCAA D3 schools, and assorted Bible Colleges.

NOTE 2: If NCAA D1 is realistic based on your talent and productivity, please visit our partner website,

NOTE 3: If admission to a top-tier college or university is realistic based on your academic qualifications, please visit our partner website,