Personal Recruiting Help (AKA “Recruiting Services”)



NCSA is the Wal Mart of the recruiting service marketplace. In fact, many of the independent-appearing, web-based recruiting service options are actually owned by NCSA. They offer a do-it-yourself service that is very similar to our $49 package – basically, a webpage to put your most important information (like a transcript and a highlight video) all in one place and access to college coaches’ contact information – except that their do-it-yourself package costs a lot more than ours does. They also offer more personalized recruiting consulting services with different options and, of course, different price points. In our experience, as former college coaches ourselves, most college coaches at schools that offer full athletics scholarships see emails and phone calls from hired recruiting “consultants” largely as nuisances, unless the recruiting consultant has personal credibility and relationships with the college coaches in that particular sport. For that reason, if you’re going to spend $1000 or more for outside recruiting services, we recommend the sport-specific agencies below over NCSA.



Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Worldwide Baseball Prospects provides all kinds of baseball recruiting assistance and advice.


Branch West

Former NCAA D1 head coach Bob Gottlieb provides personalized recruiting help for men’s college basketball. His services are very expensive, but Bob is organized and connected and therefore effective.

Hoop Recruiter

Hoop Recruiter focuses solely on basketball, for both boys and girls.


Hoop Recruiter

Hoop Recruiter focuses solely on basketball, for both boys and girls.


Aim Field Hockey

Coach Lauren Cornthwaite is a former college field hockey coach, and she started Aim as a resource for college field hockey recruiting.


Elite Football Recruiting

Elite Football Recruiting offers services for college football recruiting only.


Red Numbers Golf

John Brooks is a well respected former college golf coach who helps high school golfers with the recruiting process.


Jill Hicks Consulting

Coach Hicks was a college gymnastics coach for more than 20 years, so although we don’t know her personally, she clearly has real-world credibility and relationships when it comes to college gymnastics recruiting.

Gymnastics Recruiting

Gymnastics Recruiting seems to provide a plan and a contact directory that were developed specifically for women’s college gymnastics recruiting.


Lacrosse Recruits

College Recruiting has not dealt with Lacrosse Recruits, but their service is sport-specific, and they are the official lacrosse recruiting tool of US Lacrosse.

Everest Lacrosse Recruiting

Everest Lacrosse Recruiting provides personalized lacrosse recruiting help from their team of club coaches and former college coaches.


The Soccer Institute

Among many offerings, The Soccer Institute offers personalized college soccer recruiting help and guidance.

Soccer Aspect

Coach Scott Partridge has experience as a college soccer coach, and he helped launch this program to help families with the college soccer recruiting process.

How to Get a College Scholarship

Coach Mike Homer is a long-time high school coach who runs a service to help high school student-athletes with the college soccer recruiting process.


On Deck Softball

On Deck Softball provides all kinds of softball recruiting resources. Their blog is even a pretty decent source of free advice for softball recruiting.

SWIMMING provides a free college swimming recruiting resource, namely they allow you to register with them for free, which gives college coaches access to your information.


Donovan Tennis

Tim Donovan is a former professional tennis player and a former college tennis coach. Tim and his staff do a great job of helping their clients with the college tennis recruiting process, both through their tennis exposure camps and through their consulting services.


Track and Field Recruits

Former Olympian and NCAA champion Jackie Johnson runs this personalized track and field recruiting business. College Recruiting does not have any inside information as to this business’s effectiveness, but Jackie Johnson’s resume is certainly quite impressive.


Volleyball Recruits

Volleyball Recruits offers volleyball recruiting help, and they carry the endorsement of USA Volleyball.