Straight Forward

At College Recruiting, we take pride in our honest, straight-forward approach.

For starters, we are one of the few recruiting websites that tells potential clients up front what our services cost. An annual subscription to College Recruiting costs $49.

Furthermore, we do not lure potential clients with a “free” profile that offers nothing they need, then use the registration contact information they provided to harass them continually about expensive profile upgrades. Our services cost $49 per year, period.

Additionally, we are the only web-based recruiting solution in the entire self-help recruiting marketplace that will candidly admit up front that many if not most college coaches are skeptical of random, internet-based leads. Furthermore, it’s only fair that we make you aware that this pre-existing bias is particularly pronounced at schools that offer scholarships for athletics. As such, we make no unkeepable promises about the lucrative return you’ll see on your $49 investment in the way of athletics-related scholarship dollars.

Finally, you need to know up front that the contact database for college coaches provided by College Recruiting does not include contact information for NCAA Division I schools (except provisional D1 members), nor does it include information for elite academic colleges and universities (see Note 1 and Note 2 below if you are qualified athletically for D1 or qualified academically for an elite school). The reason for not including this contact information is simple: statistically, a tiny percentage of high school seniors sign a D1 scholarship or earn admission to an elite school, so allowing clients to contact these schools without first verifying their athletic and academic qualifications would be a waste of everyone’s time. Most other recruiting websites also restrict access to NCAA D1 schools and elite academic schools, too; they just don’t admit it until after you’ve paid them.

In short, we tell our clients up front what we offer and what we do not offer, and we certainly don’t make ridiculous, unverifiable claims about our success rate. The simple truth is that if you’re talented and productive athletically, qualified academically, realistic about your abilities, and willing to assume ownership of your recruiting process through a proactive strategy, then you’ll be fine. And the opposite side of the same truth is that if you’re missing one or more of these aforementioned traits, then you’re probably in trouble. No recruiting website and no amount of money is going to change that.

NOTE 1: If NCAA D1 is realistic based on your talent and productivity, please visit our partner website,

NOTE 2: If admission to a top-tier college or university is realistic based on your academic qualifications, please visit our partner website,